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  • Alisha Chady

New Website and New Blogs

The journey to create a new website and to start to write blogs have gone hand-in-hand. I wanted a website so I could reach more people, but also, I have so many messages and topics I wanted to talk about about and share with the world.

After some research and work, I am pleased to announce my website will be made live on Wednesday 13th March 2019, I cannot wait for it to go live and be seen by the public.

For my blog, initially I am hoping to release a new one every month, I already have a few topics I want to write about; identity, culture, and sense of belonging being a few. I hope to be inspired for new topics by reading articles, questions from my clients and from suggestions from readers who have something specific they want to read about.

I am very excited to be trying my hand at something new.