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So what is counselling?

The purpose of counselling is to provide you with a safe space to talk about and explore whatever is troubling you. I aim to create a safe space that is inviting, supportive, empowering, confidential and non-judgmental. 

I work in a way that is integrative and client-centered. This means that I change the way I work depending on who I am working with, this means I tailor my approach to you and your individual needs and issues, what issue you have brought to the session, what you hope to achieve and what I think will work for you. I deeply value the relationship I have with each of my clients and use this as a secure base, allowing for collaborative working on your unique situation. I work under the belief that all people are different. 

Counselling is a tool to help guide you through difficulties and hard periods in your life by talking through your experiences with someone who is trained to help you. You are the expert on yourself and I am simply there to listen to you and make interventions to encourage you to start to think about things differently. 

Counselling is not about telling you what to do or giving you advice, it is to enable you to make your own decisions about your life and helping you move forward when you think you are stuck. We will move at your pace, at a time and frequency that is helpful and safe for you. 

Availability and Fees

I currently work on Mondays from Insight Therapy Centre, Leeds, LS8. 

On Fridays I work from 3pm onwards. 

Daytime and evening appointments are available. 

My fees are £45 for a 50 minute session 

Get in touch to arrange an initial session where we can discuss your counselling needs. 

What to expect 

With you every step of the way 


A full initial assessment where we will discuss what has brought you to counselling, what you hope to achieve and your expectations. 

During this initial session I will answer all your questions and tell you more about how i practice, you can then take some time to decide if I would be the right fit for you. 

After your initial assessment, and we have decided to work with one another, we will begin our formal counselling and/or psychotherapy.

Our work will be collaborative, working to identify negative patterns of behaviour and replace them with more positive behaviours. 



We will review our work often. the purpose of this is to see how you are feeling, what has changed within you and the progress you have made.

It is important to see how far you have come.